The WGRB04 is a guide rail braking system used as ascending car overspeed protection. It acts on the car guide rail and reduces the car speed according to the standard EN81-1:1998 chapter 9.10.
The braking force is limited by a disc spring loaded counterwedge. If the breaking force turns to high, the disc springs will be compressed and therefore the breaking force is limited.
The adjustment is carried out and sealed in the factory according to the load and rail conditions.

Información técnica

max. nominal speed v  [m/s]
max. tripping speed  vmax  [m/s] 7,54
max. tripping force of the overspeed governor [N] 2350  ± 250 
applicable widths of rail head (dry, lubrication prohibited)  k   [mm] 16 / 19
minimum width of guide rail running surface n  [mm] 30
max. braking force  [N] 78500
min. braking force  [N] 25000
max. deceleration dmax  1g (9,81 m/s²)
Weight per pair [kg] 68 
Temperature during operation [°C] -20 ... + 50
Temperature during storage  [°C] -40 ... + 70
max. Air humidity  95 % / + 25 °C
93 % / + 40 °C